Chad Campbell

Executive Vice President


Chad Campbell is a Phoenix native and lifelong Arizona resident with an extensive project management, development, outreach and communications background in the private, public and non-profit sectors.  He manages Resolute Consulting’s Phoenix office, helping clients in all three sectors navigate local, state and federal public policy issues.

Chad spent several years in the private sector as an engineering project manager overseeing multimillion dollar projects in a regulatory environment crossing local, state and federal jurisdictions.  His company pioneered a one of a kind public-private partnership between local businesses and state agencies to oversee the cleanup of dozens of sites in Northern Arizona. The project was hailed as an innovative and cost-effective way to protect public health while also restoring Brownfield sites to productive economic use. 

Prior to joining Resolute, Chad was an independent consultant working on community relations, project management and development for non-profits and businesses across Arizona.  He focused on non-profit/private partnerships, corporate social responsibility and strategic planning and development.  He also managed and consulted on a variety of candidate and issue based campaigns at the local and state level.

In addition to his work at Resolute, Chad is also finishing up his final year as the House Minority Leader in Arizona's citizen legislature.  He has repeatedly been recognized for his work on economic development issues and was named one of the Phoenix Business Journal’s “Forty under 40” in 2012.

Chad has extensive experience in media relations and is a regular guest on local media outlets throughout Arizona.  He has also appeared on MSNBC, Fox News, and Current TV.  He regularly garners earned media in publications across Arizona as well as national publications such as the New York Times, USA Today, and the Huffington Post.