Project Description

Issue Advocacy, Coalition Building & Regulatory Approval
Association Management

Resolute provides the organizational management for specific industries. We design and implement strategies that build coalitions, raise awareness and move our client’s agendas forward.

American Beverage Association – We Deliver in Chicago

Promoting industry contributions with employee engagement and coalition activities

PROJECT: The American Beverage Association – We Deliver in Chicago represents the non-alcoholic, refreshment beverage industry. Resolute Consulting has worked with the American Beverage Association (ABA) on various initiatives beginning in 2009. In 2012, ABA retained Resolute to develop and manage the We Deliver in Chicago coalition. The coalition is comprised of more than 1,000 community groups, small businesses, labor unions and chambers of commerce who are local partners of America’s non-alcoholic beverage companies. The coalition is raising awareness of the industry’s partnerships and everyday activities that help foster economic and social development across Chicagoland.

STRATEGY: Engaging and activating industry employees from throughout the region, our campaign promotes the industry’s positive economic and public health contributions in Illinois, helps protect it against legislative and regulatory threats, and raises public awareness of the industry’s anti-obesity efforts and initiatives.

Traffic Safety Coalition

Managing a national coalition of third-party stakeholders to affect policy changes

PROJECT: The Traffic Safety Coalition (TSC) is a non-profit coalition of third-party advocates supporting red light cameras. Resolute designed and implemented a strategy to build a coalition of third-party advocates to help reverse negative sentiment of red light cameras and refocus the debate on safety.

STRATEGY: Resolute has engaged more than 650 ordinary citizens, traffic safety experts, law enforcement, public officials, victim’s advocates, health care professionals and industry leaders in 30+ states to testify to the devastating impact of red light running, speeding and reckless driving.

OUTCOME: As the coalition grew, we managed the process of becoming a national not-for-profit organization known as the Traffic Safety Coalition (TSC) and helped pass state legislation and defeat efforts to ban or curb the use of photo enforcement technology. Since Resolute was engaged in 2009, not a single banning bill has passed.