Project Description

Health Care

Resolute appreciates the multifaceted aspects of public affairs and communications campaigns in the health care sector.   Our diverse team has worked for several major healthcare institutions throughout the Midwest and beyond, including Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Rush University Medical Center, UIC Medical Center, Saint Anthony Hospital, Cook County Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, American Health Insurance Providers, and many others.

Northwestern Medicine

Supporting diverse communications needs in a complex industry

PROJECT: Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH) is one of the country’s premier academic medical center hospitals. Given its size, world-class stature, and place in a highly regulated and complex industry, NMH faces a number of communications challenges.

STRATEGY: Resolute has been engaged to lead communications strategies for numerous issues, including but not limited to: litigation support: Resolute created a comprehensive communications plan to support medical malpractice litigation that included development of a resource library, media statements, scenario planning, and protocol; property tax exemption issues: Resolute partnered with an outside law firm to design and execute a strategic communications plan to engage officials, the business and legal communities, and other stakeholders to ensure NMH retained its property tax exemption; staffing and benefits changes: Resolute was asked to effectively communicate significant internal staffing and benefits changes to all employees.


Running a statewide campaign to prevent cuts to Medicare program

PROJECT: America’s Health Insurance Plans is a national association representing nearly 1300 companies providing health insurance coverage to more than 200 million Americans. Resolute was retained as the Illinois director for a national America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) campaign showing the benefits of a Medicare Advantage program that private health insurance companies were administering to seniors.

STRATEGY: With the program’s government funding threatened, Resolute led grassroots and grasstops organizing activities to show third-party support.  Our team also conducted in-depth research, targeted media outreach, and led direct contact efforts by flooding legislator offices with phone calls and letters.

Vanguard Health Systems

Securing regulatory approval for a major corporate acquisition

PROJECT: Vanguard Health Systems is a leader in the long-term care and skilled-nursing industry. When Vanguard, a for-profit hospital system based in Tennessee, sought to purchase a non-profit hospital in Chicago, Resolute Consulting worked closely with Vanguard’s executive and legal teams team to ease their entry into the market and navigate the many challenges posed by the regulatory process, labor issues and community needs.

STRATEGY: Resolute designed and implemented a targeted communications plan to engage all stakeholders.

OUTCOME: In the end, Vanguard’s acquisition was approved with support from the state Attorney General, the medical community, employees and neighborhoods residents.