Project Description

Strategic Advisory
Political Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Resolute’s strategic communications team is unmatched in our ability to design and implement programs that inform the general public, elected officials, civic and business leaders, community advocates and other stakeholders on client issues and opportunities.

Gary/ Chicago International Airport

Packaging and showcasing milestones for a major infrastructure project

PROJECT: Gary/ Chicago International Airport is Chicago’s third airport located within 25 miles and 35 minutes from downtown Chicago. Resolute Consulting provided strategic communications for the Airport during the $175 million Runway Expansion Project, first developing and managing an educational communications campaign as the City of Gary and the Gary/Chicago International Airport Authority entered into a public-private partnership with airport developer and operator AFCO/AvPorts.

STRATEGY: The Resolute team managed messaging and raised awareness around project milestones, including the relocation of more than four miles of railroad tracks.

OUTCOME: To mark this major achievement, the team coordinated a news conference on the runway, attended by local, state, and federal officials and more than 100 guests and reporters. The program was staged to provide an up-close look at the ongoing construction, and the team managed additional photo and video opportunities for media.

Major Insurer of Government-Issued Debt

Minimizing risk through strategic public affairs and communications

PROJECT: A major insurer of government-issued debt with significant exposure in Illinois, has a central stake in the financial health and solvency of policyholders.

STRATEGY: With state and local governments in Illinois facing dynamic financial challenges, the major insurer engaged Resolute Consulting, which provided insight to the complex and dynamic political environment, actors, and actions in addressing financial solvency issues.

OUTCOME: Resolute provides strategic counsel with respect to stakeholders and decision makers who play a role in policy that affects the insurer’s business.


Supporting client objectives through high-level strategic communications

PROJECT: LMG2 is an ownership group for parking garages. Resolute Consulting developed a communications plan and provided counsel on the political environment as well as stakeholder outreach for LMG2, an ownership group for Millennium Park’s universal garages near Grant Park. The new owners of Millennium Garages sought to distinguish themselves and differentiate their profile from a complicated ownership history that was the subject of previous, negative, media attention.

STRATEGY: As the company explored options for the future of its ownership, Resolute provided a communications plan to support marketing efforts and is providing strategic counsel about relevant stakeholders and decision makers, their priorities, and how best to approach them. Resolute’s communications support also includes media training of company spokespersons and crisis communications counsel.