Project Description

Rick Albert

Director – Mobile Development

Rick designs and develops apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices. Rick delivers apps across industries, providing clients with specialty tools to share information, build coalitions, and engage and activate supporters on a host of issues.

Rick and the rest of the creative team identify the most useful approaches and tools for clients to reach target audiences.  App functionalities include data mapping to demonstrate local impact, push notifications, real-time updates, embedded photos and videos, pass lock security, and integration of online databases, event calendars and social networks.

Rick began his career in the electronic trading industry.  As owner and operator of EXT Brokerage, he was a pioneer in direct access trading, offering individuals and fund managers real-time, instant access to electronic trading platforms.  He grew EXT from a new firm in 1998 to one of the largest direct access providers in the country, executing more than one percent of all Nasdaq trading in the world in less than five years.

During his time at EXT, Rick moved into software programming to help clients automate trading strategies.  After selling the company, he continued trading and programming for clients in electronic futures, commodities and options, and developed a specialty in mobile app development.