Project Description

Technology & Telecomm

Resolute has and currently works with a robust roster of technology companies and organizations – from new start-ups to well-established multinational, Fortune 500 companies – who turn to us to build awareness about the work they do, design strategies to communicate with priority audiences, and/or develop and manage campaigns to shape the policy debate on the issues that matter most to them.  For example:

Our relationships with the business communities in the cities where we operate are extensive.  In Chicago and throughout the country, we have a strong network in the technology sector, working with companies ranging from startups to large, multinational corporations. Resolute team members have developed high-profile media and event campaigns in cooperation with many influential organizations and their member companies, including the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center, the Illinois Technology Association, Civic Committee, Illinois Beverage Association, Illinois Restaurant Association and the National Restaurant Association. Our clients in the technology sector have included Google, UBER and the Illinois Technology Partnership.


Introducing a highly regulated product into a new market

PROJECT: Google is a multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. Resolute Consulting is working with Google on potential expansion of its fiber network into metropolitan Phoenix.

STRATEGY: Our team developed and implemented a strategic communications and outreach plan to build support for Google’s expansion into the market, neutralized opposition from heavily entrenched incumbent providers, and provided ongoing assessment of the regulatory and political environments in targeted municipalities.  Combining grassroots and grasstops campaign strategies and tactics, Resolute built support for Google’s entry into the market among elected officials, business and civic organizations, academic and tech leaders, and local community activists.

OUTCOME: Results included supportive op-eds from high-profile leaders, successful community and one-on-one meetings with stakeholders, a significant increase in Google’s community presence and positive media coverage.


Engaging Chicago’s diverse community to grow a business and strengthen the community

PROJECT: Uber is a technology company providing app-driven logistical connections for ride-sharing, food delivery, and more. Uber engaged Resolute Consulting to fill a critical gap in its media outreach and management, manage lobbying and advocacy efforts, and support outreach and engagement with organizations across Chicago’s diverse communities.

STRATEGY: Resolute worked with Uber to make a dramatic improvement in the city’s ridesharing ordinance and ultimately designed and executed a campaign that resulted in a gubernatorial veto of anti-competitive state legislation and the enactment of a flexible and fair regulatory approach, hailed as national model for rideshare services.

OUTCOME: In a short period of time, Resolute facilitated partnerships between Uber, 20 community organizations and 17 elected officials (Chicago aldermen, Cook County commissioners, state representatives and state senators) to host uberX driver recruitment events in neighborhoods across Chicagoland.