Project Description


Positioning a growing business to benefit customers and community

Project: New to the Chicago market, Uber was committed to servicing the city’s diverse neighborhoods but needed creative and effective strategies to ensure successful recruitment of employees and the necessary public approvals to grow.  Uber engaged Resolute to build a profile for the company and facilitate partnerships with community organizations as well as municipal and statewide elected officials.

Strategy: Resolute partnered with Uber on two fronts—achieving improvements to Chicago’s ridesharing ordinance and undertaking a campaign resulting in a gubernatorial veto of anti-competitive state legislation, which led to the enactment of a regulatory framework hailed as national model for flexible and fair rideshare services.

Outcome: Resolute worked with Uber to identify, engage and activate essential third-party champions, including business and community groups, individual and commercial customers, drivers, financial investors and other stakeholders.  We prepared tailored briefings and built a base of support in Chicago, which in turn led to interest and support from officials and organizations in other areas of the state, effectively packaging and showcasing support for Uber’s policy positions to state lawmakers.