Media Relations
Resolute has extensive experience working with journalists across the nation. Our media relations experts know how to craft strategic communications that elevate a client’s reputation, event, profile or issue – breaking through barriers to secure a reporter’s attention. Throughout the years we have developed strong relationships in print, broadcast and new media.
Strategic Communications
Resolute has a powerful reputation for working on complex engagements and crafting strategic communications that allow clients to achieve their goals. Our communications experts understand how to position an issue, educate stakeholders, recruit third-party validators, and move people to action.  Our experience has taught us how to stay three steps ahead of any issue, anticipate conflict and prepare strategic responses. Regardless of the complexity, urgency or opposition, we know how to frame a conversation for maximum impact.
Crisis Communications
It’s not if but when. Our highly experienced cyber strategies team counsels clients on current and emerging cyber security threats including crisis communications.  Resolute’s crisis communications team provides counsel before, during and after a crisis. We create seamless action plans that detail protocols and process, message development, innovative mobile apps, and media training for internal team. We work with internal teams and/or manage external stakeholders on behalf of clients. We have developed programs in Chicago, nationally and internationally.
Reputation Management
Strategic counsel to navigate, manage and shape public and stakeholder perception.
Litigation and Bankruptcy Communications
Our firm works with financial institutions, investment firms and accounting firms in this sensitive and specific communications field.
Media Training
Resolute’s highly sought after team works with CEOs, national and local politicians on media and message training, and presidential debate preparation.
Internal Communications
Resolute’s experienced team of skilled communications professionals design plans, develop messaging and train the internal team to address an issue and protect a client’s brand.