Project Description

Energy & Environment

Resolute understands the importance of the work of environmental organizations and the critical role they play in our society. We have worked on behalf of numerous environmental interests to help them articulate their priorities and build coalitions that engage and influence the public and decision-makers to support their initiatives. Our experience in the environmental sector includes work with the National Wildlife Foundation, Republic Services and management of the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition.

National Wildlife Federation (NWF)

Advocating for a high-priority initiative on behalf of an association

PROJECT: National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is America’s conservation organization protecting wildlife for our children’s future. Resolute Consulting supported the NWF in a push for a 60 mile per gallon (MPG) average for 2025.

STRATEGY: Resolute helped build a campaign in Michigan to promote the standard and conducted outreach to businesses, labor and environmental organizations to influence decision-makers.

OUTCOME: In the end, the Obama Administration, automakers and environmental organizations reached an agreement on a 54.5 miles per gallon average by 2025, effectively doubling the efficiency of new U.S. vehicles compared to those manufactured in 2008.