Project Description

Issue Advocacy, Coalition Building & Regulatory Approval
Formal Public Process Management

Resolute provides clients with the strategic counsel and plan implementation to develop messages, build coalitions, engage stakeholders  and achieve results for clients.

Vanguard Health Systems

Securing regulatory approval for a major corporate acquisition

PROJECT: Vanguard Health Systems is a leader in the long-term care and skilled-nursing industry. When Vanguard, a for-profit hospital system based in Tennessee, sought to purchase a non-profit hospital in Chicago, Resolute Consulting worked closely with Vanguard’s executive and legal teams team to ease their entry into the market and navigate the many challenges posed by the regulatory process, labor issues and community needs.

STRATEGY: Resolute designed and implemented a targeted communications plan to engage all stakeholders.

OUTCOME: In the end, Vanguard’s acquisition was approved with support from the state Attorney General, the medical community, employees and neighborhoods residents.

A. Finkl & Sons

Making a corporate industry a neighborhood ally and defining its role in the community

PROJECT: A. Finkl & Sons is the world’s leading supplier of forging die steels, plastic mold steels, die casting tool steels and custom open-die forgings. Resolute Consulting implemented a public outreach campaign to build support for the steel manufacturer’s proposed new facility on Chicago’s South Side. The company planned to invest $140 million in the community for a new 44-acre manufacturing campus to serve as Finkl’s North American headquarters.

STRATEGY: Resolute’s plan was designed to inform the general public, elected officials, civic and business leaders, community advocates, and other stakeholders of the benefits the new plant will bring to the area.

OUTCOME: We gained support from all levels of government, resulting in an assistance package of $40 million, and handled all outreach activities and public processes, resulting in no work stoppages or filings by objectors.

Republic Services – Short Creek

Building a supportive coalition and persuasive message to pass a referendum

PROJECT: Republic Services is the country’s second largest waste service provider. Republic needed approval of a referendum question, to allow an increase in the volume of waste accepted at its Short Creek Landfill in Wheeling, WV. The landfill facility faced possible closure if the expansion was not approved.

STRATEGY: Resolute developed a campaign to create a coalition supporting the referendum, by arguing the increased tonnage would result in more jobs and increased tax revenue. The “Yes to Short Creek” campaign used key endorsements to target voters with messages from trusted community figures.

OUTCOME: With just eight weeks before the campaign, we developed and implemented a winning plan focused on the economic impact and benefits to the community, while positioning Republic as a company with a good track record of operating in Ohio County.