Project Description

Strategic Advisory
Government Relations

Resolute’s strategic counsel and communications team creates highly focused campaigns to educate and raise awareness with government officials on clients issues.

Uber Technologies

Engaging Chicago’s diverse community to grow a business and strengthen the community

PROJECT: Uber Technologies is a technology company providing app-driven logistical connections for ride-sharing, food delivery, and more. Uber engaged Resolute Consulting to fill a critical gap in its media outreach and management, manage lobbying and advocacy efforts, and support outreach and engagement with organizations across Chicago’s diverse communities.

STRATEGY: Resolute worked with Uber to make a dramatic improvement in the city’s ride-sharing ordinance and ultimately designed and executed a campaign that resulted in a gubernatorial veto of anti-competitive state legislation and the enactment of a flexible and fair regulatory approach, hailed as national model for ride-share services.

OUTCOME: In a short period of time, Resolute facilitated partnerships between Uber, 20 community organizations and 17 elected officials (Chicago aldermen, Cook County commissioners, state representatives and state senators) to host uberX driver recruitment events in neighborhoods across Chicagoland.

American Beverage Association – We Deliver in Chicago

Promoting industry contributions with employee engagement and coalition activities

PROJECT: The American Beverage Association – We Deliver in Chicago represents the non-alcoholic, refreshment beverage industry. Resolute Consulting has worked with the American Beverage Association (ABA) on various initiatives beginning in 2009. In 2012, ABA retained Resolute to develop and manage the We Deliver in Chicago coalition. The coalition is comprised of more than 1,000 community groups, small businesses, labor unions and chambers of commerce who are local partners of America’s non-alcoholic beverage companies. The coalition is raising awareness of the industry’s partnerships and everyday activities that help foster economic and social development across Chicagoland.

STRATEGY: Engaging and activating industry employees from throughout the region, our campaign promotes the industry’s positive economic and public health contributions in Illinois, helps protect it against legislative and regulatory threats, and raises public awareness of the industry’s anti-obesity efforts and initiatives.

Chicago Clean Energy

Gathering support for an innovative but little known clean energy technology

PROJECT: Resolute Consulting managed a public campaign to introduce a $3 billion clean energy facility to Chicago’s Southeast Side. The coal gasification plant would create 2,000 jobs and more than $1 billion in tax revenues, putting Illinois at the forefront of clean energy technology.

STRATEGY: Resolute organized more than 80 faith-based, labor, business, neighborhood and environmental groups to publicly support the innovative clean energy technology.

OUTCOME: This led to the passage of legislation that became a model for groundbreaking energy technology for the entire nation.