Project Description

Strategic & Crisis Communications
Media Training

Resolute’s highly sought after team works with CEOs, national and local politicians on media and message training, and presidential debate preparation.


Supporting client objectives through high-level strategic communications

PROJECT: LMG2 is an ownership group for parking garages. Resolute Consulting developed a communications plan and provided counsel on the political environment as well as stakeholder outreach for LMG2, an ownership group for Millennium Park’s universal garages near Grant Park. The new owners of Millennium Garages sought to distinguish themselves and differentiate their profile from a complicated ownership history that was the subject of previous, negative, media attention.

STRATEGY: As the company explored options for the future of its ownership, Resolute provided a communications plan to support marketing efforts and is providing strategic counsel about relevant stakeholders and decision makers, their priorities, and how best to approach them. Resolute’s communications support also includes media training of company spokespersons and crisis communications counsel.


Supporting project approvals with an aggressive outreach and media campaign

PROJECT: Invenergy is one of the world’s largest private developers of renewable energy. Resolute Consulting was engaged by to support numerous wind turbine projects. Opponents were well-organized and had gotten support by elected officials after misinformation had gone unchallenged after months of public meetings.

STRATEGY: Resolute developed and managed an aggressive public affairs campaign to reframe the conversation by using fact-based information and a rapid response protocol to respond to attacks and misinformation. Resolute also developed a robust online campaign and Resolute worked with the company’s on-the-ground team to engage and organize landowners who had a personal stake in the project.

OUTCOME: We launched an active earned and paid media program. A news conference supported by Resolute was hosted by a local village resulted in significant print and on television and the radio.